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SEAT Radio Code Free

Our SEAT radio codes are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We guarantee our radio decodes work, and its totally FREE!

Method 1

It is quite simple to remove your SEAT radio. You will need t a flat-head screwdriver or a prying tool for prying the panels off the dash to access the radio.

In some cases you may need radio release keys to remove your radio from the head unit.

Once you have the radio release keys, push them into the 4 holes in each corner of the radio (See image), apply a little pressure and the radio will release from the dashboard. The radios label will be located on the radio’s casing.

SEAT radio removal video provided by JustSimpleTips

Method 2

What We Need

The SEAT radio serial is a 14 digit serial number for example SEZ1Z3F6412082. Please see image for reference.

SEAT Radio Sticker Location

Step 3


  1. Submit your Radio Serial and your email!
  2. You will then be redirected to download your code this is important! As you will be receiving an email when the code is activated
    • Once your radio is on and appears in “SAFE” mode
    • If “SAFE” does not display automatically press and hold the “SEEK” and “SCAN” buttons simultaneously or “MODE” and “SCAN”. Depending on your radio model.
    • After about 3 seconds “1000” will appear on the display.
      • Press button 1 until the correct first digit of the code is displayed.
      • Press button 2 until the correct second digit of the code is displayed.
      • Press button 3 until the correct third digit of the code is displayed.
      • Press button 4 until the correct fourth digit of the code is displayed.
    • Then, press the > or “SEEK” button for 2 seconds to input your SEAT Radio Code and your code will be stored and access will be granted.
Helpful Information

If you have entered the code number correctly, “LSM” will appear in the display.

If you’ve accidentally entered a wrong code number, “SAFE” will appear in the display. Initially it’ll flash, then stay on.